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Introducing Laundry House x LaundryCares

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At Laundry House NYC, we are excited to partner with the Laundry Cares network to support our beloved Brooklyn community. Together, we're dedicated to making a positive impact and addressing the unmet needs of our neighbors.

Connecting Communities, Making a Difference!
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Making a difference, one laundromat at a time:

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Free Laundry
& Literacy Days

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Total Free Pounds
of Laundry

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Uplifting Communities and
Empowering Change

Our shared mission? To uplift under-served communities by meeting their essential needs - right here in the heart of the laundry room. Both Laundry House and LaundryCares were built on a simple, yet powerful belief: laundromats can be much more than just places for washing clothes.

They can also be conduits for change, connectors of communities, and catalysts for literacy and learning. Together, we believe we can transform laundromats from places of chores into spaces of change.

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Here's what we have in the spin cycle for you:

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Annual Free Laundry Day:

Join us for our annual Community Giveback Day, where we're offering free laundry services to our amazing community. Experience a day of celebration with delicious food, exciting games, and a lively DJ. Stay tuned for exciting collaborations with local businesses, police, and fire departments.

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Build your Library:

We're turning our laundromat into a mini-library! Each month, we'll be receiving a new batch of bilingual picture books through LaundryCare’s partnership with Scholastic. These books are yours to enjoy in-store and to take home, encouraging literacy and a love of reading in young minds.

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Storytelling with
Local Librarians:

We're partnering with local libraries to host storytelling sessions right here in our laundromat. This means exciting tales, memorable characters, and a whole lot of imagination, right in between your wash and dry cycles.

Stronger Together

We're proud to say that LaundryCares is affiliated with Too Small Too Fail, a renowned organization initiated by the Clintons. Their mission? To equip families with early language and learning opportunities, ensuring our young ones are ready to conquer kindergarten and beyond. 

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Growing Together

We've always known that our laundromat is more than just a place to wash clothes. It's a hub where communities gather, stories unfold, and connections are made. We're taking it a step further by introducing innovative programming in collaboration with LaundryCares.

Who knew laundry could change the world?

Join Us!

We invite you to be a part of this inspiring journey.

Donate to LaundryCares and help grow literacy in your community.

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